SM Men's Fashion Summer 2012 Catalog

SM Men's Fashion Summer 2012 catalog features the hottest male models
in the country.

Models: Hideo Muraoka (Mercator), Benjamin Tang (Reco), Pedro Mologni and Zaydan Timpani (IM Agency) for Menswear; Pedro Dutra (Reco), Nat Lamar (Mercator), Robson Guaragni (IM Agency)

Photos: Frank Hoefsmit (Mens) and Jo Ann Bitagcol (Boys/Teens)
Styling: Luis Espiritu, Jr. (Mens), Mike De Guzman and George Palmiano (Boys/Teens)
Make-Up: Bobby Carlos
Hair: Jaime Sy

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laurent sander said...

These guys really look hot and handsome but I have seen more handsome than, I mostly like male models blue eyes they have this charm which fascinates me..Thanks for sharing it here.
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