And the 2006 Asian Heartthrob is...

2nd Runner-up is Korean Actor Lee Dong Wook.

lee dong wook

1st Runner-up is Taiwanese Pop Star Jerry Yan.

jerry yan

And the winner of ASIAN HEARTTHROB 2006 is...

Korean Pop Idol RAIN!


Congratulations to the winners and runners-up of Asian Heartthrob 2006. Welcome to our brand new search that will start this January---Asian Heartthrob 2007!

Congratulations also to our finalists:

Zanjoe Marudo of the Philippines

Ji Huan Bo of China

Chee Meng Woo of Malaysia

Fremle of Indonesia

Dennis Trillo of the Philippines

Azeem Sajjad of Pakistan

Victor Basa of the Philippines

For the complete results, visit Asian Heartthrob.

Adrian Zabala

Adrian Zabala is a member of Viva Hot Men, a sexy Filipino group. His authentic Filipino good looks make him a great representative in an international male pageant don't you think?

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